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Please review the following FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) before contacting us.



Can you identify this spider?
Most of the Florida spiders that people ask us to identify are already displayed on our site. See our Photo Index of Florida Spiders for all that we presently have photographed and listed on our site. Alternatively, you can see a listing of all Florida spiders presently included on our site, organized by taxanomic hierarchy.
Last updated: July 30, 2006
Is this spider dangerous / venomous?
There are two groups of venomous spiders in Florida: widows (genus: Latrodectus) and recluses (genus: Loxosceles). Please see Venomous Spiders in Florida for more information. Presently, the only spiders in these groups we have on the FloridaNature.org site are brown widows (Latrodectus geometricus).
Last updated: July 30, 2006
Can you identify this foul-smelling fungus growing in my yard / mulch?
You probably found a fungus in the Phallaceae family (stinkhorns).
Last updated: June 25, 2010
Do you know where I can find/purchase plant seeds?
Please contact your local nurseries for information on where to find/purchase plants and seeds. If you're looking for plants/seeds native to Florida, see this: Association of Florida Native Nurseries.
Last updated: July 30, 2006
Do you know if a particular plant will grow in my area/zone?
We do not have any information about plant zones for the plant species on our site. If you're looking for information about where specific Florida plants are found in their natural Florida habitats, the Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants and USDA Plants Database are excellent resources.
Last updated: July 30, 2006
Do you buy/sell/trade organism specimens?
We do not buy, sell, or trade any organism specimens we encounter.
Last updated: July 30, 2006
Are you accepting photo contributions?
At present, we have temporarily stopped accepting additional photo contributions for the site. We are in the process of completely redesigning the database backend to the site and will not be adding any new photos to the site until we are finished with the redesign.
Last updated: July 30, 2006